Thursday, February 16, 2006

Clean, Shaven

This film is really difficult to talk about, because its primary aim is to get you inside the head of a guy, and to establish mood. I should clarify that it's a really messed up guy, and a really unsettling mood. It succeeds on both counts. Not only is it one of the best psychological horror films of the 90s, but it's one of the few great American indies of the decade. Relying on a minimum of dialogue, writer/director Lodge Kerrigan makes the most of hectic POV editing, cover-your-eyes makeup effects, and an unreliable protagonist. Like this year's Tony Takitani, it's very short and focused, and packs more of an emotional punch than most 3-hour epics. The brief closing shot is one of the most haunting I've ever seen. It's one of those films that slowly gets under your skin, and then just lets you have it at the end.
For those wanting to seek it out, be warned- it's not a very pleasant viewing experience and there are a couple unbelievably grisly moments, but it's as good as this type of film gets.


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